Top 5 Global Key Challanges

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Top 5 Global Key Challanges

Postby pjainonline on Fri May 12, 2017 10:12 pm

For many years, I was trying to give my serious thought about top global key challenges to direct my actions towards responding to these and doing my bit despite whatever little it may be and irrespective of the fact that whether it make any noticeable or significant impact or not.

Recently, I was able to organize my thoughts and assimilate the same in some logical conclusion. While some thoughts I carried originally, other emerged during the deliberations we made on this subject during Governing Council members meeting of Indian Society of Management Accountants (ISMA) held on 22.4.17 at Noida.

The top 5 global key challenges may be taken as under:

Environment Protection of the Universe
Education for every Human Being
Healthcare for all Living Creatures
Economic Prosperity of all on Inclusive basis
Creation of more and more Leaders and Entrepreneurs
It was also decided in the GC meeting of ISMA to include these challenges on the platform of ISMA in order to chalk out some action plan for overcoming the same.

More detailed plan for each challenge in specific manner is under process and would be shared later.

Let us work together for common goals of mankind and for the interests of all stakeholders of Human Ecosystem…..
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