RTIs filed relating to CRCA 2013 - A Request

Right to Information Act 2005 mandates timely response to citizen requests for government information.

Discuss on cases how you or ordinary citizens of India have set the things rolling and manage to grease the system to move as desired.

RTIs filed relating to CRCA 2013 - A Request

Postby costman on Thu Dec 19, 2013 9:13 am

Dear CMAs
Well Wishers of CMA Profession in India,

Draft Cost Records And Cost Audit Rules Published on 21-11-2013

It is heartening to know that many persons have used RTI Route in the matter of Draft CRCA Rules published by MCA on 21 November 2013. Let me Congratulate ALL of them for taking such initiative for Positive Results thro' systemic changes.

Friends, Presume I am relatively "Early User" of RTI Act 2005 for achieving positive results in the form of "Systemic Improvements". Presume I am ALSO an early one who has ACHIEVED desired results at Central Level through judicious use of this TOOL.

The ICAI, individual CMAs and others have done their part in submitting their views to MCA. It is now for MCA to do its "Homework" and come out with either "Revised Draft[s]" OR Notify Final Rules.

Friends, my request to you all is Let us wait till we see the RESPONSE of MCA to all the submission received by MCA.

In the meantime, I wish to make a sincere open request to all those persons who have used RTI route this occasion to exercise restraint in pursuing the process initiated under RTI Act. i.e. filing of First / Second Appeal etc.

Please avoid taking any such steps at least until MCA's response to the submissions is out in the open.

Its my FIRM belief..... CONVICTION, exercising such restraint would be in THE BEST INTEREST of CMA Profession in India.

Sorry, I am unable to share any further details on this forum........ because this is an open public forum contents of which ANYONE in the world can read. Lets DO whats in Best Long Term Interest of CMA Profession.
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